The world call us the most advanced metro system in India, have you wondered why? It is because we not only provide the system of transit to the passengers, but also entitle them with a lot of basic requirements to make Kochi Metro a way of life.

Everyone is welcome to Kochi Metro stations and trains. Here are the facilities offered:

·   Ticket Counters – Children and disabled friendly counters with lowered windows and mic.

·   Ramps – Clearly defined ramps for wheelchairs at all station entrances, exits and platforms.


·   Wheel chair, docking – All stations are equipped with wheelchairs and the trains have safety docking facility.


·         Wider AFC gates – Much wider AFC gates to accommodate the requirement of a wheelchair using person.

·         Tactile tile for visually challenged passengers – Tiles designed for visually challenged passengers that defines the path and stops.

·         Privileged seats, cushioned seats – Inside the trains, seats in coach is marked for disabled, elderly and pregnant passengers. Seats are lined with cushions for comfortable and safe seating.

·         Audio/visual information – Audible and visible information is provided extensively across Kochi Metro network.

·         Safety and security – CCTV is used extensively across stations, piers and trains.

·         Passenger alarms on trains can be used to contact the driver in an emergency. They are found next to doors and wheelchair spaces.

As an innovative institution tirelessly working towards providing the city and its people with world class services and the most fundamental needs, Kochi Metro follows the path of absolute convenience.

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