A journey through Kochi Metro Station themes:

Kochi Metro offers you more than just a fast and comfortable ride to your destination. Here’s how –


 For Nila, stepping into the Aluva station reminded her of what it felt like to step out of her grandmother’s home in Kuttanad. On the walls of the station flowed meandering rivers and calm lakes – 44 of Kerala’s most attractive water bodies.


Deepa always believed that experience was the best teacher. That’s why, after her lessons on the Western Ghats, the types of forests and the flora and fauna there, she took her students to visit the Pulinchodu station. And there, before the students loomed the mighty mountains and all within them.


For Giriettan, the lonely traveller and trekking enthusiast, a visit to the Companypadi station was a trip down memory lane. The station, themed around hills of Anaimalai, Cardamom, Agastya, Nilgiri and Silent Valley, opens up a world of incredible charm for the travellers. And that’s where Giriettan planned his next trek – to Wayanad.


Suresh has always been fond of creepy-crawlies – snails, centipedes, scorpions and what not. A visit to the Ambattukavu station reminded him of the sacred groves in his ancestral village. The amazing reptilian world, displayed on the walls, is a delight for travellers. As for Suresh, he is busy with his initiative to revive the sacred groves in village across Kerala.


Anyone could mistake the Muttom – Kalamassey Station for a bird sanctuary and that’s precisely what Alikka thought when he stepped into the station. The radiant walls portray the innumerable species of birds in Kerala and are a visual feast for bird lovers.


For Kannan, the sea has always been a friend, a confidante and a custodian of his secrets. However, it was his visit to the Cochin University Station that kick-started a journey of learning and discovery. The vibrant and colourful walls took him on a spellbinding voyage through Kerala’s maritime history and its ancient trade routes, opening up a new world before him.


Mary likes every step into the Pathadipalam station. And dive into calm turquoise waters of the sea with blue whales, salmons and mackerels! The walls, brimming with wild, colourful fishes and aquatic creatures are sheer magic. Get acquainted with the denizens of the deep seas and let your imagination run wild.

Vasco’s parents named him right – he knew everything there was to being a merchant. And more. He has a penchant for all things spicy and fragrant and the Edappally Metro station was a visual treat for his eyes – the walls were adorned with images of all that Kochi was proud of in its spice trade.


An ardent lover and follower of classical Indian dances and all forms of art, Nalini was awestruck when she stepped into the Changampuzha Park Station. The walls of the station, beautifully adorned with classical dance forms and Kerala’s traditional folk art cast a spell on her, a spell so strong that it took her a while before she woke up from the trance to realise that she’d gone around the station twice.


When Daisy was five years old, her father would come home with a tiny flower from office just for her. She would safely store these flowers in a notebook, and open it once in a while to see what the petals had become. Daisy’s first time at the Palarivattom Metro station reminded her of her notebook, and her father. Etched on the walls were flowers – Tulasi, Kanikonna, Chemparathi, Gulmohar and what not. A stunning floral festival that brightened up her day!


For Shivani, sports is a huge part of life, and at the JLN Stadium Station, she fell head over heels in love with the world of sports once again. The walls of the station, replete with the history of modern and traditional sports, told her stories she never knew before. What more could a little champion like her ask for inspiration?


For naughty Vaishali, there is nothing more exciting than making paper boats and playing in the rain with her brother. A visit to the Kalloor Stadium took her by surprise. The walls, brimming with the unbridled charm and exuberance of Kerala’s monsoons were enough to bring back to her memories from the last monsoon season.


Thumbi loves whispering secrets to the butterflies that visit her garden every day. This ritual seems to have extended to every time she visits the Lissie station and finds herself in the midst of these tiny winged creatures.


A man with prodigious memory, Saituppa knows the history of Kerala like the back of his hand. For him, a visit to the MG Road Station was like stepping back in time. The sketches on the walls, portraying the architectural wonders of Fort Kochi and Mattanchery, transported him to a bygone world, so much that he felt like he travelled through time.


There isn’t a forest in Kerala that Kurian, a forest guard, hasn’t explored. Walking along the hallways of Maharaja’s station themed around the endangered species and mammals of Western Ghats, he laments the destruction of forests. The death of the forests, he says, is the end of our life.


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