The Kochi Metro, which started operating on 17 June 2017 completed a year of successfully transporting thousands of passengers across the city; 45,000 per day to be precise. Here’s why you, as a responsible citizen, should also be part of this ridership:

  1. While your car/bike draws all its energy needs from petrol or diesel (non-renewable forms of energy, unless you use an electric car), the Metro draws solar energy – a renewable form of energy, from panels placed on top of its stations to meet 25% of its energy requirements. Besides this, for every kilometre, per person, your car emits almost 100% more CO2 than the metro, and your bike emits about 30% more.

  1. In all the traffic that thrives in the city, the Metro is your best option to get to your destination on time. The trains, which cruise at a speed of 70km/hr, can take you from Aluva to Maharajas in a record time of just 30 minutes and there’s a train every 7 minutes at all stations. This ride by car will definitely take longer than half an hour, what with the traffic and signals. The Metro, which runs overhead, sails past all the traffic that you will get jammed into in every rush hour. So why isn’t the Metro a better option for you to get to your office on time? And why isn’t the Metro a better option for you to get back home sooner to your waiting family?

  1. Save yourself from wasting the energy you would spend driving your car, swearing at rash drivers, driving straight into potholes and waiting at signals that never seem to turn green – take the Metro. All you have to do is swipe yourself in and out of a metro station while enjoying the super-fast and comfortable ride.

  1. And finally, money. Why spend so much fuel, the prices of which seem to be constantly escalating. Switch to the Metro and the most you’ll spend is Rs. 50 to get yourself across the city.

  1. And so, by riding the metro you will not only be saving yourself a lot of time and effort but also contributing to making your city and cleaner and greener space which is definitely our social responsibility.




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