How about a Kochi trip in Metro? Here are some stops you can explore on the go…

Begin at Aluva, the beginning of the Kochi Metro Line. One of the most important historical trade centres in Kochi –  in ancient times, the calm waters of the Periyar river lapped up onto its shores merchant ships that came in search of spices, ivory, rosewood and other commodities.

 Step out and visit the Aluva Palace, what was once the summer house of the majestic kings of Travancore or enjoy the view of the Periyar, on the banks of which Tipu Sultan once rested before his quest to conquer Travancore.

Next, hop off at Pathadipalam to visit the Museum of Kerala History. Welcomed by the man himself who is said to have created Kerala, Parashuraman with his mighty weapon. There, you will be taken through the land’s history ranging from the Neolithic period to the modern day.

From there, go on to Edapally, where the heart of all shoppers in Kochi lies, maybe you’ll leave yours there too! And at walking distance you have historic religious shrines that are awe dropping beauties. Yes, take out your camera and click on!

Your next stop could be Chagampuzha, the birth place of Malayalam’s most celebrated poet, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai. Visit the two acre Changampuzha park that now serves as a meeting spot for most of Edapally’s senior citizens and a stage that hosts performances of various art forms every once in a while.

Your ride will then pass by Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, our international multi-purpose stadium that thumps with heart beats of ardent fans every cricket and football season.

Then, you’ll reach MG Road. Step out and into Marine Drive, Kochi’s picturesque walkway. Get there in time for the sunset and you’ll see a view you will never forget. Maybe take the ferry and cross over to see the Bolgatty Palace, a palace built by the Dutch in the 1700s. Also drop by the many stores that line MG Road and find yourselfin the midst of Kochi’s commerce hub – from electronics to spices to clothes both sold in whole sale and retail shops.

And your last stop will be the Maharaja’s Ground stop. Visit the Maharaja’s College which has a 135 year old library that holds above 1 lakh books or the Subash Chandra Bose Park that lies close to the station.




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