Regular passengers can avail special offers from July 5 2018.

Currently passengers can register for any of the two pass. First one for 30 trips – valid for 30 days and second offer for 60 trips – valid for 60 days. The pass for 30 trips will be available at a discount of 25% and the pass for 60 trips will be available at a discount of 33% from the original fare.

The offer will be effective from 5 July after official launch by KMRL MD, Shri Mohammed Hanish at Edappally station.

Only one pass can be added to a Kochi1 Card at a time. The pass can be issued between any two stations chosen by passengers (say Station A & B) at the time of issuance and the trip will be deducted when the passenger travels from either of the stations up to the other station. Entry and exit from same station will also deduct one trip.

If entry is made from either station A or B and exit is made beyond the other station then stored value amount will be used. Similarly if entry is made at any other station than the Station A and B then stored value will be used. The penalties and other surcharge amount shall be deducted as per applicable rule for Kochi1 card.

The pass can be issued only on a valid Kochi1 Card with sufficient stored value. In case there is no sufficient balance under the Kochi1 Card for pass purchase, it needs to be topped up. The validity of the pass shall start from the day of issuance.




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