Floods, landslides, immeasurable losses, hundreds of lives claimed. For a week or two, Kerala was at the hands of an unprecedented disaster; the sands beneath its feet seemed to wash away, and the only option that remained was to survive. And survive it did, with the sheer determination and poise of a true fighter.


For us at Kochi Metro, the deluge and destruction proved to be one that brought out the real Samaritan in each of us. In facilitating and aiding several relief operations across Ernakulam and Aluva, we were able to transport close to 3 lakh people and 500 tonnes of relief materials, functioning as the only available mode of transportation plying for free. From the 16th to the 20th of August, running at a reduced speed of 25km/hr, Kochi Metro operated solely for speeding up relief operations.




Despite functioning with as less as 40% of the usual staff strength, our employees played a commendable role in easing the lives of the passengers. Working over 17 hours a day and setting up helpline desks at stations to coordinate with relief camps, each of them went out of their way to extend help and support.



Another remarkable effort from the part of the KMRL team was the restoration of power supply in Ernakulam by the Civil Electrical Team that worked shoulder-to-shoulder with KSEB. By setting up a temporary control centre in Muttom yard within 10 hours of having lost its power, and organising tanker lorries to carry safe drinking water to each and every relief camp in Kochi, we have woven stories brave and inspiring that will travel across generations, defying age and time. 


Indeed, together, we are a force so strong and invincible, there is no crisis too high to rise above.

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