A quick breakfast or no breakfast, dishevelled hair, unpacked bag – if not all, one of these could be a part of most of our rushed beginnings to a day. But there cannot be a bigger downer than having to miss your ride on these hectic morning runs.


An answer to all our transportation-woes, KMRL recently came out with the right fix with the launch of its new live-tracking app, Chalo. With the new app, keeping track of buses and other modes of public transport in real-time is a breeze. The savvy new app was launched on 3rd August, 2018 in the city by Hon’ble Transport Minister, Sri A.K. Saseendran, at the Kochi Marriott Hotel, Edappally. Introduced in collaboration with UMTC (Urban Mass Transit Company), the project was executed by Chalo under the Integrated Public Transport Policy of the Kerala Government.


With the new app, the city will witness a significant shift from personalised vehicles to public transport. Chalo brings together all modes of public transport in Kochi under the single roof of its live-tracking and journey planner app. The app lets you track the live location as well as arrival time of the preferred mode of transport before leaving homes, helping save as much as 40 minutes of waiting time each day. The app is also equipped in such a way that the estimated travel time is shared with the passengers, so they can decide on the cheapest and fastest option.


The launch of Chalo has raised Kerala to the status of being the first state in the country to offer a live-tracking and integrated journey planner that includes all modes of public transport. The app has also reinstated and further empowered Kerala’s place among India’s leading smart cities.


Chalo app is making news for all the right reasons. By reducing the dependence on private vehicles and shifting to public modes, there will be a considerable decrease in carbon footprints in the atmosphere. And by helping travellers save time and energy, we are not just creating better people, but better tomorrows and a better world to live in.

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