Solar Power Plant at Muttom Yard

Kochi Metro has become synonymous with sustainable development in more ways than one. Through its relentless efforts in reinforcing an eco-friendly transportation system, the rail authority has contributed significantly towards making the city less polluted and more greener.

One of its many thoughtful initiatives was the decision to harness solar power to meet energy requirements. In an attempt to augment this vision, KMRL recently installed ground-mounted solar panels at its Muttom yard, doubling the existing solar power production capacity.

KMRL has been sourcing energy from solar panels installed over 13 metro stations and Muttom yard. With the inauguration of additional panels, authorities hope to procure nearly 44% of its energy requirements from solar energy, which also means saving close to Rs 1.2 crores every year on electricity charges. The plant has a capacity of 10,332 units per day at Rs 3.66 per KWH or unit. The first phase comes with a plant capacity of 2671 kW and the second, of 2,719 kW.

The authority entered into a contract with AMP Solar Ventures Private Limited, who will take care of its operations and maintenance, for a period of 25 years. And it does not end there. KMRL hopes to enhance their dependence on solar power to 60% within the next year by another 5,445 kW.

Through conscious efforts like these, KMRL inches its way forward towards a future it envisioned. A greener, cleaner, safer one.

KMRL MD Shri. APM Mohammed Hanish IAS at Solar Power Plant
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