KMRL’s recent initiative to spread awareness about improved urban mobility has struck all the right chords. The Transit Data Innovation Challenge, aimed at making journeys easier and innovative, was launched by KMRL, together with WRI (World Resources Institute).

STAMP Data Innovation Challenge 2019, held in Kochi, invited nationwide teams to share their design and technology-based ideas for a better, organised transportation. The competition brought out the best ideas and creative solutions for improved accessibility. The open innovation challenge, in its third-year, witnessed talent from developers, students, urban and transport planners and enterprises. The main mission was to analyse and develop a host of applications that allows easier understanding of existing modes of transport and information about the city.

The winners were teams Hyperpro from Bangalore and Sukriti from Delhi. Team Hyperpro developed a policy that combined ticketing data and platform video analysis whereas team Sukriti focused on the economic distribution and people movement to understand the nature of the travellers. Other teams that participated were Evelabs, Neostars, Siya and Visual Moves. KMRL, along with WRI India Ross Center and the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), selected the winners, offering them a combined implementation support of Rs 2,00,000 to demonstrate their solutions in the city.

Mr APM Mohammed Hanish IAS, MD, KMRL explained their goal saying, “Our vision is to revolutionise public transport and get people from all walks of life to utilize it. KMRL believes that data will play a crucial role in creating a truly multi-modal transportation system. Through Data Innovation Challenge, the teams demonstrated solutions addressing persistent issues of connectivity gaps in the city.”

The solutions had three main missions: to provide information and improve accessibility to commuter segments; aggregate and disseminate real-time updates for informed commuter journeys; and map commuter flows to help transit agencies plan and optimize their network of services.

With more institutions and organisations working towards urban sustainability and increased mobility, Kochi Metro is all set to create easier and more convenient travel alternatives, and improve the quality of living.

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