Once again at KMRL, we have set an example in creating a secure and inclusive environment for women. By making basic amenities like diaper changing facility and sanitary napkin vending machines easily accessible, we have tried to make their lives easier and better. Additionally, with the introduction of feeding pods for nursing mothers, early this year, we have been successful in developing a comfortable and private space for women.

Shri. APM Mohammed Hanish IAS, MD, KMRL launched the first breastfeeding pod at Aluva Federal Bank Metro station in the presence of Shri. Gokul Gopinath, CEO, CIMAR Hospitals. We hope to extend this facility in the near future by launching three more pods at MG Road, Lissie and Edapally stations. Sponsored by CIMAR, these 4×4 ft sized rooms have extremely comfortable seating, locks providing privacy and other basic services. At KMRL, we believe in providing safe journeys for everyone. This women-friendly initiative is a reflection of our priority, which has always remained the convenience of our commuters. 

Now enjoy easier and comfortable travels with Kochi Metro. Here is to making journeys more enjoyable for mothers and little ones.

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