Children have their own ideas about how things should be and they bring this out vividly through art.

On 13th July 2019, Artrack Painting Competition was organised by KMRL in association with Greets Public School, PIU, Bank of Baroda and Joboy App for enhancing the creative talent of young minds. The first edition saw the participation of 600 children in four different categories.

Shivani P.S (1st prize), Evangel Prince (2nd prize) and Georgia Theresa Jomet (3rd prize) were the winners in Category 1 meant for children who were 5 years old & below.  In Category 2 for students from standard 1 to 4, Sivani Chandrababu, Malavika Manoj, and Amanjeet M.S came first, second and third respectively. Crayon was the medium for the first category, while watercolour was also included for the second.    

The winners in Category 3, for students from STD V till VII, were Diljith P.S (1st), Abhijith Binoy (2nd) and Sreelekshmi Jayram (3rd). Category 4 aimed at students from STD VIII to X saw Mohammed Zaman, Sooryadath S, and Naslin Salim walking away with the first, second and third prizes.  Both categories used water colour.

Rs. 5000 was awarded to first-prize winners, Rs. 3000 to second-prize winners and Rs. 2000 to third-prize winners. The prizes were sponsored by Bank of Baroda.

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