Kochi is growing by the day, and so are the air and noise pollution levels. Lakhs of fossil-fuel powered vehicles ply on our city roads every day, emitting high levels of pollutants and toxins. This leads to consistent decline in the quality of the air that we breathe in and in turn, increases pollution-related health problems like asthma and allergies – especially in children.

KMRL, the pioneers of ‘Green-Mobility’ in Kerala, has always lived up to its vision of ensuring a greener, sustainable future for Kochi through innovative and practical environment-conserving initiatives. KMRL has decided to start year 2020 on a ‘green’ note, by declaring Fridays as ‘Public Transport Day’ for its employees. This means all employees of Kochi Metro will have to mandatorily use public or non-motorised mode of transport on
Fridays to travel to office and back home. Though seemingly small, this step will have a huge impact on the environment as it will cut down the burden of pollution caused by individual vehicles and reduce traffic.

KMRL intends to take this good mobility practice beyond its employees, by encouraging Kochiites to use public transport as much as possible, like in developed Nations. Like they say, little drops make the mighty ocean. We can make a difference too – if we choose to use public transport over individual vehicles – at least once a week. This will not only help
reduce pollution, traffic blocks and save time, but also make our city a greener, healthier, happier place to live in.

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