Evolving, one step at a time

Ever since scientific research started pointing to the role of vehicle emissions in adding to global warming, discussions around promoting eco-friendly and efficient alternatives have surfaced and swept through the automobile industry. And though there has been a rise in the use of electric vehicles, not much has been done to broaden the awareness. Holding […]

A Joyful Ride

Once again at KMRL, we have set an example in creating a secure and inclusive environment for women. By making basic amenities like diaper changing facility and sanitary napkin vending machines easily accessible, we have tried to make their lives easier and better. Additionally, with the introduction of feeding pods for nursing mothers, early this […]

One card. Many benefits.

At KMRL, commuters’ comfort and convenience have always been our priority. With the launch of Kochi1 card, a joint service by KMRL and Axis Bank, we make journeys easier with a single swipe. With this one-of-a-kind intermodal transit card, customers can enjoy cashless rides. Carrying cash or waiting in long queues are no more any […]

Reaching Far and Wide

State Bank of India, in a move to enhance customer relationship, opened its latest branch and Retail Assets and Small and Medium Enterprises Centre (RASMAC) at Aluva Metro Station on 27th June, 2019. RASMAC, a specialised loan processing, sanctioning and maintenance hub that deals with personal and SME loans, has enabled the bank to deliver […]

Towards Better Mobility

KMRL’s recent initiative to spread awareness about improved urban mobility has struck all the right chords. The Transit Data Innovation Challenge, aimed at making journeys easier and innovative, was launched by KMRL, together with WRI (World Resources Institute). STAMP Data Innovation Challenge 2019, held in Kochi, invited nationwide teams to share their design and technology-based […]

Towards an Intelligent Future

Kochi takes one more step closer to becoming a world-class city. With the launch of KMRL’s ambitious programme, ‘Intelligent CPS Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System’ that makes use of Artificial Intelligence(AI), machine learning and data analytic techniques, the city has become the first in the country to implement such a project […]

Going the Google Way

In another first, KMRL has launched an open data policy to improve the public’s access to its services. The rail authority now shares information pertaining to stops, routes, schedules, fares and the like, which are converted into the universally accepted GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) standard. This service intends to help commuters check available metro […]

Powering a greener future

Kochi Metro has become synonymous with sustainable development in more ways than one. Through its relentless efforts in reinforcing an eco-friendly transportation system, the rail authority has contributed significantly towards making the city less polluted and more greener. One of its many thoughtful initiatives was the decision to harness solar power to meet energy requirements. […]

Chalo, let’s go!

A quick breakfast or no breakfast, dishevelled hair, unpacked bag – if not all, one of these could be a part of most of our rushed beginnings to a day. But there cannot be a bigger downer than having to miss your ride on these hectic morning runs.   An answer to all our transportation-woes, […]

Rising above.

Floods, landslides, immeasurable losses, hundreds of lives claimed. For a week or two, Kerala was at the hands of an unprecedented disaster; the sands beneath its feet seemed to wash away, and the only option that remained was to survive. And survive it did, with the sheer determination and poise of a true fighter.     […]

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