Towards an Intelligent Future

Kochi takes one more step closer to becoming a world-class city. With the launch of KMRL’s ambitious programme, ‘Intelligent CPS Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System’ that makes use of Artificial Intelligence(AI), machine learning and data analytic techniques, the city has become the first in the country to implement such a project […]

Going the Google Way

In another first, KMRL has launched an open data policy to improve the public’s access to its services. The rail authority now shares information pertaining to stops, routes, schedules, fares and the like, which are converted into the universally accepted GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) standard. This service intends to help commuters check available metro […]

Powering a greener future

Kochi Metro has become synonymous with sustainable development in more ways than one. Through its relentless efforts in reinforcing an eco-friendly transportation system, the rail authority has contributed significantly towards making the city less polluted and more greener. One of its many thoughtful initiatives was the decision to harness solar power to meet energy requirements. […]

Chalo, let’s go!

A quick breakfast or no breakfast, dishevelled hair, unpacked bag – if not all, one of these could be a part of most of our rushed beginnings to a day. But there cannot be a bigger downer than having to miss your ride on these hectic morning runs.   An answer to all our transportation-woes, […]

Rising above.

Floods, landslides, immeasurable losses, hundreds of lives claimed. For a week or two, Kerala was at the hands of an unprecedented disaster; the sands beneath its feet seemed to wash away, and the only option that remained was to survive. And survive it did, with the sheer determination and poise of a true fighter.     […]

Many Firsts, One Kochi Metro!

The Kochi Metro, the one year old smart champ on the block has a crown of firsts to its credit. Here are a few of them that you must know :- Environmentally Responsible For 25% of its energy needs, the Kochi Metro relies on solar energy, which is drawn from solar panels that are placed […]

IT’S HERE! Kochi1 Regular Pass with Offers!

Regular passengers can avail special offers from July 5 2018. Currently passengers can register for any of the two pass. First one for 30 trips – valid for 30 days and second offer for 60 trips – valid for 60 days. The pass for 30 trips will be available at a discount of 25% and […]

Travel around Kochi with the Metro!

How about a Kochi trip in Metro? Here are some stops you can explore on the go… Begin at Aluva, the beginning of the Kochi Metro Line. One of the most important historical trade centres in Kochi –  in ancient times, the calm waters of the Periyar river lapped up onto its shores merchant ships […]

5 reasons why you should swap your car and bike for a metro ride!

The Kochi Metro, which started operating on 17 June 2017 completed a year of successfully transporting thousands of passengers across the city; 45,000 per day to be precise. Here’s why you, as a responsible citizen, should also be part of this ridership: While your car/bike draws all its energy needs from petrol or diesel (non-renewable […]

Which is your Metro station?

A journey through Kochi Metro Station themes: Kochi Metro offers you more than just a fast and comfortable ride to your destination. Here’s how – ALUVA  For Nila, stepping into the Aluva station reminded her of what it felt like to step out of her grandmother’s home in Kuttanad. On the walls of the station […]

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